Behold, an Impossibly Tiny Single-Cylinder Engine Made of Paper


Aliaksei Zholner doesn’t upload videos to his Youtube channel much these days. Six years ago, he uploaded five; seven months, just two. Last year, he made the viral video rounds with a functioning paper V8 engine.

Now, lovers of niche, overly complex papercrafts and combustion engines have cause to rejoice—he’s back with a new creation.

The latest, a single-cylinder engine, is so, so tiny. It measures only 18 x 13 x 22 mm, slightly larger than his thumbnail. It’s an even more adorable version of one he made in 2010, which you can make yourself: He uploaded his (very sketchy) directions and cutouts for public access, if folding your own sounds like a good use of time.

Image: Aliaksei Zholner/YouTube

This itty-bitty engine runs on air from an attached balloon, and revs using a throttle that controls airflow. It sounds kind of like a miniature go-kart.

Watching him pop open the original to “give birth” to its successor is the most endearing thing you’ll see on the DIY internets today. Apparently six years is the gestation period for a paper engine.

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