Black Pearl Galaxy S7 Edge debuts in ‘select markets’, Blue Coral reaches India


Committed to the still-steady high-end Samsung smartphone ship, unwilling to wait until March or even April for the first major Galaxy Note 7 redemption effort, but not sold on the “quality and luxury” radiated by the six existing GS7 Edge color options either?

The world’s enduring champion of handheld sales is giving its chromatic work of keeping the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus at bay one last try today with the official introduction of the “modern and striking” Black Pearl Galaxy S7 Edge.

This joins White Pearl, Black Onyx, Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium, Pink Gold and Blue Coral flavors in unnamed “select markets” tomorrow, December 9, most likely starting with Korea. Darker, glossier and arguably more eye-catching than the first black S7 Edge edition, it’s bound to draw comparisons with Jet Black new iPhones, although obviously, not even Apple can patent a coat of paint.

No words on pricing yet, and we don’t know if the US is to be targeted by the “stylish all-black” 5.5-incher anytime soon. It will however definitely come in an exclusive 128GB internal storage configuration.

Meanwhile, the other snazzy Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge limited edition is proving to be less and less limited by the day. After a nationwide US rollout, the Blue Coral phablet is headed for India next week, on December 15, at a “standard” price of Rs. 51,000 ($750).

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