Bridge is a new headset that lets you mix virtual objects with the real world


A few days ago I played fetch with a robot. I threw a ball, and the robot — named Bridget — zoomed around one of our meeting rooms trying to retrieve it, along the way dodging a table, a box, and a chair. When the game was over, I took off the headset I was wearing and endured a brief moment of panic — because Bridget was gone.

Bridget is a virtual robot, and only existed on the iPhone that was powering Occipital’s new “mixed reality” headset. That headset, called Bridge, had mapped out the room around me and created an invisible digital overlay that robots like Bridget could react to, making them feel like a real part of the world. During the 5-minute demo, Bridget interacted so well with that digital re-creation of the room I was…

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