Donald Trump is skipping intelligence briefings but has time to block people on Twitter


Donald Trump, a man who has tweeted more than 34,000 times, loves making time for Twitter — despite any other obligations he now has as the president-elect. But he’s not a fan of everyone he meets on Twitter. As Mashable reported earlier today, it looks like Trump is blocking people without explanation, leaving them confused, amused, and dismayed.

While there are some users making jokes or bragging about the block, others are far less enthusiastic. A blogger and freelance writer named Heather Spohr found the whole situation a little more disturbing. “I can’t see the tweets of the president-elect,” Spohr said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. “He’s going to be my president. It’s absurd.”

OMG YES! THANKS @realDonaldTrump @…

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