Exclusive: John Baldessari on designing the newest BMW art car


BMW introduced art car number 19 at Miami Art Basel on Wednesday night, an M6 GT3 by legendary Los Angeles-based artist John Baldessari. The BMW art cars are priceless works of automotive art. Andy Warhol, Alexander Calder, and Jeff Koons have made cars for the collection.

It’s an apt time for the sly, reflective work of Baldessari, who has long explored the object as an idea. His most iconic works are tinged with dry humor. In one image, he shows the face of a hippopotamus submerged in water and the text, “Tom’s hands grip the steering wheel as he approaches a green light.” His most famous work might be an assignment he gave his art students in 1971 to write “I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art” on the walls. Baldessari, a conceptual…

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