First Click: Adding a Chromecast to LG's battery-powered projector approaches portable perfection


Imagine it: a tiny smart projector that produces a giant image good enough to replace your TV and cable box where they stand. That’s the dream we’re ever so close to living.

LG was kind enough to send me a Minibeam model PH450U to test for a few weeks. This little 1280×720 LED projector is impressive for many reasons. To start with, it features a 2.5-hour rechargeable battery that powers what’s essentially an 80-inch TV in a lunchbox. And it can project that decently bright (450 lumen) image when placed just 13 inches from the wall. It sounds great, too, when paired with a Bluetooth speaker (the built-in speaker should be avoided). But the real magic started after I thought, hey, what if I plug Google’s Chromecast into the LG’s HDMI and…

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