Four short links: 15 September 2017


Four short links.
Four short links.
  1. Tetris From the Ground Up — quixotic brilliance. Hardware to Game of Life to Tetris.
  2. VR Goggles For C64I built the VR64 using three components: a $10 plastic VR goggle, a $26 LCD, and a cheap power transformer (plus lots of glue gun fun!). I split the screen into two sections, one for the left eye and one for the right. Each section is 19 columns by 25 rows, and the center two rows are not used. Each eye, has 152X200 pixels in high resolution and only 76X200 in multi-color mode! (via Vice)
  3. The Average Face of a UK Member of Parliament — the idea of a facial mean disconcerts me still.
  4. LoRa Backscatter — they reverse-engineered the proprietary LoRa physical layer to do this! (Readable article about the tech also available, explaining why this is interesting for IoT)
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