Google’s auto-search results have become slightly less offensive


(credit: Servizi Multimediali)

A Guardian investigation has prompted Google to change some of its autocomplete suggestions. For instance, no more will “evil” be suggested when Web surfers type “are Jews.” The search engine no longer recommends “evil” when “are women” is typed, either.

Google said it made the changeover after a Guardian story called out the search giant. However, the company said it didn’t fix everything the Guardian found, like eliminating “bad” when somebody typed in the search field “are Muslims.”

“Our search results are a reflection of the content across the Web. This means that sometimes unpleasant portrayals of sensitive subject matter online can affect what search results appear for a given query,” the company told the Guardian. “These results don’t reflect Google’s own opinions or beliefs—as a company, we strongly value a diversity of perspectives, ideas, and cultures.”

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