Internet of $@!%: Google API change triggers Epson printer revolt


Enlarge / Oh, poop. (credit: Sean Gallagher)

Owners of Epson WorkForce, WorkForce Pro, and XP Series printers recently got a rude surprise, as the printers got stuck in a perpetual restart loop. And it quickly became apparent that the cause had something to do with the printers’ connection to the Internet.

On the BleepingComputer boards, one Epson owner reported, “Yesterday it just turned off. I’d turn it back on and 30 seconds later it would turn off. I started messing around and turned off my router. The printer stayed on when I powered it up. Turned on my router and as soon as the printer connected to Wi-Fi it would turn off. I’d leave my router on and I disabled Wi-Fi on the printer and the printer stayed on.”

Others reported similar experiences.

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