It’s a Christmas miracle: someone taught this tiny robot to do parkour


Leaping out of the labs at UC Berkeley and straight into my heart, it’s SALTO: a robot designed not to deliver salty quips on the internet, as its name suggests, but to jump good. Real good. Pound for pound, this monopedal bot is the most agile jumper in the field of robotics, able to clear over a meter in height (around 3.3 feet) in a single leap. Its creators say it could be used on day in search and rescue missions, hopping over rubble and other obstacles. It’s too small to pull you to safety or deliver any supplies, but wouldn’t you be happy to see it anyway?

SALTO actually stands for Saltatorial Locomotion on Terrain Obstacles. “Saltatorial” is a word used by biologists to refer to animals, particularly insects, that have limbs…

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