Lexar Brand Sold by Micron! Deals Roundup!


About the Author

First phone: Motorola StarTac (dozens and dozens of antennas)
First Android: Droid Incredible VZW, 1st phone I rooted, ended up on CM
After: SG3, Google/Moto X 2014 w/extended warranty, ended up in a real quagmire with Moto/Lenovo
Current: Nexus 6P, CM13.1-Nightly & Amazon Fire 7″ (Fire_Ford 2015) needs more RAM, CM12.1 from XDA
Others: B&N Nook w/Glowlight; B&N Nook Color, HP-going-under Touchpad
Other stuff: OSX, FreeBSD, FreeNAS, Debian, AWS, Ubuntu, OpenWRT, DD-WRT, I do a little homebrew/homebrew-cask/homebrew-fuse stuff, and contribute where I can on GitHub.
Fun stuff: newish dad, photographer, dog-owner.


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