Radeon Crimson ReLive driver: More performance, less power, and screen capture tech



As promised when AMD rolled out its long-overdue Radeon Software Crimson graphics card driver in 2015, the company has followed up with a new major version for 2016. Released today and dubbed Radeon Software Crimson ReLive—conveniently sidestepping the initial plan to introduce a new colour and name each year—the new driver features a bunch of bug fixes, performance boosts of up to eight percent for cards like the RX 480, and new power-saving tech, but also screen capture software to rival Nvidia’s ShadowPlay.

Moreover, these features aren’t just coming to AMD’s consumer graphics cards. For the first time, the company is combining its professional Radeon Pro drivers with its consumer drivers, using the same underlying tech for both. That means whether you’re using a normal Radeon GPU on a laptop, or a Radeon Pro user creating 3D models on a desktop, or a server administrator using Radeon VPro virtualisation, all will be served by the same, free driver.

But about that headline feature first. Integrated into the existing Radeon Settings interface as an additional tab, the titular “ReLive” screen capture software allows users to record gameplay or desktop footage, take screenshots, enable a DVR-like instant replay mode, and stream directly to services like YouTube and Twitch. With Instant Replay enabled, up to the last 20-minutes of gameplay or desktop use is buffered to disk, ensuring that those 20-headshot kill streaks don’t go uncaptured.

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