Samsung lawyers up for Korean class action over Note 7


Samsung has hired a law firm to fend off a class action lawsuit in Korea over physical damages and suffering from exploding Galaxy Note 7 smartphones.

The suit, backed by some 2,400 individuals, stems from a group of five persons who claim burns and respiratory problems due to the Note 7’s battery exploding. The phone has been recalled and is not being produced.

“My replacement Note 7 had caught fire while it was placed on my bed,” wrote one plaintiff on a legal forum created by Harvest Law Office, the firm representing the class in this case. “Fortunately I did not suffer any physical damage as it was covered in a phone case with a credit card inserted, both of which melted.”

Attorneys are seeking an award of ₩42 million — that’s ₩500,000 or $424 per person in the class it represents.

Local news outlets are reporting that the chaebol has hired a law firm to respond to the suit and has issued a letter to the court. It is said to read in part:

We gave enough compensations and benefits to Note 7 consumers. The damages consumers are claiming are within the range that is endurable […] We recalled all the products resulting in a loss of nearly 10 trillion won in order to minimize risk that consumers may face.

Compensation so far has come in the form of ₩100,000 ($86) in vouchers and a promised half-off discount for Note 7 customers who upgrade to the Galaxy S8, estimated to range between ₩400,000 and ₩500,000 ($341-424).

Samsung has declined comment on the matter.

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