Sony is on the charge to get Android 7.1.1 to Xperia X


While Google may be able to update its goods first, Sony wants to stand a chance to be second with Android 7.1.1. And with Android’s stratified software environment and attitudes towards minor point updates, it just might be able to do so.

Xperia Blog is reporting that the Sony Mobile Concept team is working with the Nougat iteration’s source code and is awaiting on Google to deliver an updated Google Mobile Suite apps package and the Compatibility Test Suite. Android 7.1.1 may bring a restart option in the power menu and app integration for image keyboards. Word is that the Xperia X may get first dibs on the package.

“[This] is our number 1 priority,” stated a developer on the team. “[If] you spot any other vendor releasing this faster than us, prepare your rotten tomatoes!”

Sony has traditionally had some of the more robust AOSP and beta programs and a competitive update pace.

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