The dangers of thinking Australian high school kids just schooled Shkreli


Enlarge / Martin Shkreli, decidedly unaffected. (credit: Getty | Eduardo Munoz Alvarez )

A group of high school students in Sydney, Australia are having their moment of fame after announcing they were able to synthesize Daraprim—the anti-parasitic drug that went from $13.50 to $750 a pill last year, thanks to the infamous Martin Shkreli, ex-CEO of Turing pharmaceuticals.

According to headlines, the kids “show up” and “school” Martin Shkreli with their basic chemistry prowess. Forbes even went a violent route, saying the high schoolers “punch Martin Shkreli In the face, figuratively” with their science savvy. On Twitter, there even seemed to be a sincere question of whether the kids could actually compete with Daraprim on the market.

(credit: Twitter)

Shkreli—who is ever-present on social media—responded simply: “… no.” And, whether we like it or not, he’s absolutely right.

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