The Information: Fitbit may buy Pebble


Fitness tech company Fitbit is said to be close to buying smartwatch-maker Pebble “for a small amount,” The Information reports.

The Kickstarter maven company, which launched several of its Pebble Watches on the crowdfunding site to major successes, has been ailing financially and was looking to sell. It reportedly laid off a quarter of its workforce in March.

Fitbit, comparatively a legacy company in the wearables field, has been in good health as of late. It acquired assets of Coin, a smart credit card maker. A constant worry for the company is keeping its customers engaged and committed to using its fitness product — if you’ve tracked gym memberships from January to March, you’ll see how retainment rates aren’t that stellar.

With Pebble getting itself into the health tracking business with the heart rate-monitoring Pebble Core, Fitbit may have found the impetus to move on the company.

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