These headphones have a built-in VU meter, and I’m not even mad


Headphone design is no stranger to invasions from other categories, whether you’re talking LED lights, belt buckles, or, um, cat-ear speakers. Usually, I snarl at those excesses, but I find myself smiling at the latest example: a fully functional VU meter integrated into the ear cups of the new Meters Music OV-1 cans.

Who’s Meters Music, you ask? I was pondering that same question when I first heard of them this morning, but it turns out there’s some decent sonic pedigree behind this new brand. It’s an offshoot of Ashdown Engineering, a company engaged in making bass amplifiers for major musical acts like Lenny Kravitz, U2, and System of a Down. Unlike, say, Marshall headphones that only share a name with the original Marshall amp maker,…

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