Watch this golden mole hunt termites by sound


The golden mole, the real-life version of a tribble, is not actually a mole. Nor is it always golden. It is, however, the star of a new teaser for the upcoming nature documentary, Planet Earth II.

This bug-eating mammal, no larger than a ping-pong ball, burrows through the dry, soft soils of Sub-Saharan Africa. David Attenborough narrates while the tiny mammal tunnels through sand dunes and snuffles after termites. (“Termites: not easy to catch when you’re blind,” Attenborough observes.) Its eyes are covered by skin, so to find its prey, the golden mole plunges its head into the sand to pick up the vibrations that insects make as they scuttle across the ground.

It’s hard to say exactly what species of golden…

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