Pocketables notifications

Click that bell on the bottom right

Have you always wanted to know the instant Pocketables posts an article? Probably not but if you’re interested you can see when we post things on Android and Chrome and supposedly Edge in your notification area. You can also get random cryptic messages from Paul whenever he thinks he’s funny.

To sign up for notifications you can click the bell on the bottom right of your screen. You’ll be notified every new article and occasional random message from Paul. To unsubscribe you can read how to on Chrome here, or we’ll post something about Android later.

If the feature or the bell turn out to be annoying, we’ll turn it off. Pretty sure there’s an option for that. Just got it working after banging head against what appears to have been a VPN issue for a couple of hours.

Got to run and grab a kid, mine hopefully, as it’s birthday #5. Forgive terrible picture formatting below:

Pocketables notifications Pocketables notifications