Can you say your home assistant isn’t spying on you? As voice AI from Siri, to Cortana, Echo, Alexa, and Google Assistant invade everything from your phone, to your bedroom, to you toaster, are you sure they’re only listening when they’re supposed to?

ThreatPost is reporting that… once again… “researchers” have hacked the ubiquitous Amazon Echo ecosystem to always be listening. A “proof-of-concept” was released which means by the time you read this it’s likely in metasploit. The “skill” listens, and transcribes, but never stops. This isn’t the first Amazon Echo or Google Home hack, and as prices come down and adoption goes up home assistants will become an even bigger target.

Echo data has already even gone to court For Murder, no wait, I got that wrong, in a Murder Case!

The only way I know of to not be spied on, is to go with the Open Source Mycroft AI, which is currently launching it’s Mark II device.