Dear Future: Watch the Trailer for Our New Documentary Series

Today, Motherboard and CNET are launching Dear Future, our collaborative documentary series about the people who’ve decided they can’t wait for tomorrow’s biggest breakthroughs to come to them.

Built on the premise that technology still has the capacity to wow us, we went around the world meeting with the scientists developing fusion energy, the DIY hackers building off-grid energy systems, the community engineers building mesh networks to connect the disenfranchised, and other people who are committed to using technology as a force for good.

Our first episode focuses on Gaetan Borgonie, a Belgian scientist who discovered the “mephistopheles worm,” an extremophile that lives in Earth’s deepest mine. Borgonie believes that his work can tell us where we might be able to find life on Mars. That episode will be available in just a couple hours.

Over the next two months, we’ll be rolling out these episodes, which feature forward-thinking people and jaw-dropping tech.

Dear Future is a partnership with CNET that will explore the people, companies, and communities that are ushering in the future we were all promised. Follow along here .

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