Four short links: 10 October 2017

Four short links Four short links

  1. Dangers of CSV Injection — oh my gosh. Fields that start with =, even if quoted strings, are formulae.
  2. AthenaX — Uber’s SQL-based streaming analytics platform. (Blog post)
  3. Readings in Database Systems, 5e — for all your bedtime reading needs.
  4. Apple2fpgaAs a Christmas present to myself in 2007, I implemented a 1980s-era Apple II+ in VHDL to run on an Altera DE2 FPGA board. The point, aside from entertainment, was to illustrate the power (or rather, low power) of modern FPGAs. Put another way, what made Steve Jobs his first million can now be a class project for my 4840 embedded systems class.
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