Four short links: 13 April 2018

Four Short Links
Four Short Links
  1. Deep Painterly Harmonisation — composite and preserve the style of the destination image. The examples are impressive.
  2. PowerHammer: Exfiltrate Data Over Power LinesIn this case, a malicious code running on a compromised computer can control the power consumption of the system by intentionally regulating the CPU utilization. Data is modulated, encoded, and transmitted on top of the current flow fluctuations, and then it is conducted and propagated through the power lines.
  3. Learn To Listen At The Cocktail PartyWe present a joint audio-visual model for isolating a single speech signal from a mixture of sounds such as other speakers and background noise. Solving this task using only audio as input is extremely challenging and does not provide an association of the separated speech signals with speakers in the video. In this paper, we present a deep network-based model that incorporates both visual and auditory signals to solve this task. The visual features are used to “focus” the audio on desired speakers in a scene and to improve the speech separation quality.
  4. prototoola Swiss Army Knife for protocol buffers.
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