Four short links: 14 August 2017


Four short links.
Four short links.
  1. Robotics InterviewsMike Salem (Robotics Nanodegree Service Lead), interviews professional roboticists.
  2. 10 Things I’ve Learned About Customer Development — my favorite: If someone says, “I wouldn’t personally use it, but I bet other people would,” no one will use it. They’re all true.
  3. Multiple Perspectives on Technical Problems and Solutions (John Allspaw) — [The Engineering Method is] “the strategy for causing the best change in a poorly understood or uncertain situation within the available resources.”
  4. How Complex Systems FailComplex systems contain changing mixtures of failures latent within them. The complexity of these systems makes it impossible for them to run without multiple flaws being present. Because these are individually insufficient to cause failure, they are regarded as minor factors during operations. Eradication of all latent failures is limited primarily by economic cost but also because it is difficult before the fact to see how such failures might contribute to an accident. The failures change constantly because of changing technology, work organization, and efforts to eradicate failures.
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