Four short links: 15 March 2018

Four short links
Four short links
  1. Adversarial Traffic (Paper A Day) — What if an adversary—perhaps just a single vehicle—tries to game the system? Maybe to try and speed their own passage through traffic light junctions, or perhaps to deliberately cause congestion and bring traffic to a halt. The authors look at data spoofing attacks on the I-SIG system, targeting design or implementation issues in the signal control algorithm (i.e., not relying on implementation bugs). […] Using just a single attack vehicle, the total traffic delay at a junction can be increased by up to 68.1%, completely reversing the expected benefit of the I-SIG system. Attacks can also completely jam entire approaches—in the example below, vehicles queuing in left-turn lanes spill over and block through lanes, causing massive traffic jams. 22% of vehicles take over seven minutes to get through the junction, when it should take 30 seconds.
  2. Resonance Audio — Google’s VR/AR audio kit is now open source.
  3. Travel Price Drop BotFlight and hotel prices change all the time. DoNotPay finds travel confirmations from past bookings in your inbox. When the price drops, our robot lawyer will find a legal loophole to negotiate a cheaper price or rebook you. From the Do Not Pay whizzes.
  4. Plus codes — Google documents its system for representing locations (areas, actually) as short strings suitable for use as addresses in regions that lack formal addressing systems.
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