Four short links: 7 April 2017


Four short links. Four short links.

  1. Why Uber Won’t Fire Its CEO — brief recap of the history of super-voting shares, which keep founders in control even when their equity is reduced.
  2. FDA Approves Ten 23AndMe Genetic Reports — slowly creeping back to legitimacy after “move fast and break things” moved them in the path of the FDA for breaking the law.
  3. What I Learned From 20,000 Dog PoopsThis tells us that reports about dog fouling are roughly parabolic—there are more in areas in the middle than those that are either very deprived or very not. You’ll never write a sentence as good as that in YOUR data analysis report.
  4. Scuttlebutt — an off-grid social network. (Via an excellent writeup)
Article image: Four short links.

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