Good news: 238 million Americans unaffected by Cambridge Analytica

Facebook, designers of the now-infamous Facebook Phone, now reports that information of up to 87 million of their members, primarily in the United States, might have been improperly shared with Cambridge Analytica.

This comes as people are finally discovering that Facebook has been storing text messages and phone calls for years and discovering that no, Paul really was not interested in going to that play you invited him to nor does he “like” American Express on Facebook.

That it comes as a shock to anyone that Facebook leaks sensitive data that’s used to target you is the shock.

Cambridge Analytica denies any of the data was used in the presidential campaign.

It’s always been best to treat any device with Facebook preinstalled on it as already compromised, however if you’re a user of the app you might want to go in and revoke some or at least review permissions for it.

Not Today Russia

Just remember, every survey, game, or “if you get 8 of these right you’re a genius” tests are all data mining you and are valuable to some company for some reason.


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