Head, limbs of Kim Wall found, sinking story of suspect in submarine murder

Enlarge / Peter Madsen, inventor and submarine and space enthusiast, after his rescue from the waters off Copenhagen. It appears he sank his sub to destroy evidence of the murder of his passenger.

Dutch investigators have announced that divers discovered bags containing the head, arms, legs and clothing of Kim Wall, the reporter who disappeared while aboard the crowdfunded submarine UC3 Nautiluis with Peter “Rocket” Madsen, the sub’s designer, in August. The bags were found not far from where Wall’s dismembered torso washed ashore 10 days after the Nautilus was deliberately sunk by Madsen near Copenhagen on August 11.

An examination of Wall’s head found “no sign of fracture,” according a statement by Copenhagen police inspector Jens Moller Jensen, nor “any sign of other blunt violence to the skull”. That would appear to contradict Madsen’s contention that Wall died when he accidentally dropped a hatch on her head as she was climbing out of the sub after a dive.

The bags were weighted down with “car pipes,” Moler Jensen told reporters. They also contained a knife. An earlier autopsy of Wall’s torso showed that she had been stabbed in the ribcage and genitals.

On October 3, prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen told a judge in a court hearing on the case that videos showing the torture and beheading of women were found on a hard drive at RML Spacelab, Madsen’s sub-orbital space and engineering venture. Madsen said that the video files were not his, and that others working at the lab had access to the computer.

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