Every website out there it seems wants you to enable notifications, and now so does Pocketables. Potentially. We’ll see in the next few days whether this works out or not. Right now subscribing is doing absolutely nothing.

As we take a different approach to things here we’re starting the announcement of that you can now subscribe to notifications, with a piece on how to unsubscribe from website notifications piece.

We’ll be using an example in Chrome of how to unsubscribe. Your browser may vary. Considering visitor stats here however I’m not writing up a step by step Edge guide for the six of you who use it.

Disable website notifications part 2

  • Enter chrome://settings or navigate there by clicking the 3 dots, choosing settings
  • Scroll to the bottom, click “advanced”
  • Scroll to content settings
  • Find Notifications
  • Locate the site you want nothing more to do with and delete it

Disable website notifications part 2

Alternately you can probably just enter chrome://settings/content/notifications and get there in one shot. I very much doubt my clickable version of that URL will work, but who knows.

As I never subscribe to anything, this whole process came about as a little overly complicated to me. You probably knew it and are wondering if I’m about to ask you to get off my lawn yet.