In Saturday Night Live’s season opener, Avatar’s papyrus font keeps Ryan Gosling up at night

James Cameron’s 2009 film had plenty of critics, but one particular point of contention was the film’s use of papyrus font for its logo and subtitles. With a series of sequel films now in production, Saturday Night Live resurrected those complaints during last night’s season opener.

Ryan Gosling hosted last night’s show, and along with the typical efforts with Adam Baldwin’s reprising his depiction of President Donald Trump and a sketch about how La La Land saved jazz, he took part in a sketch in which he just couldn’t get over Cameron’s use of papyrus. He obsesses over the design choice, stalks the designer at his home, and yells at random strangers. “He just highlighted Avatar, clicked the dropdown menu and he randomly selected papyrus,” he tells a therapist, “like a thoughtless child, just wandering by a garden, yanking leaves along the way!”

Sadly for Ryan Gosling and font nerds everywhere, if the film’s official Facebook page is anything to go by, Avatar 2 will continue to utilize the papyrus.

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