Intel drone show breaks Guinness World Record over Folsom sky

It’s official: 2,018 light-up drones set a Guinness World Record when they ignited Folsom’s night sky Sunday for Intel’s 50th anniversary.

Never before have this many unmanned aerial vehicles simultaneously gone airborne, according to an Intel news release.

The drones formed a rotating globe, dancing bodies and Intel’s logo hundreds of feet above the company’s campus in Folsom.

Several thousands of people brought lawn chairs and picnic blankets to admire the light show from the campus’s sprawling parking lot. Others crowded nearby locations such as Folsom High School to watch a show that some compared to Fourth of July fireworks.

“It really speaks to the innovative spirit that Intel was founded on 50 years,” said Anil Nanduri, the vice president and general manger of Intel Drone Group.

Intel coordinated a similar spectacle during the 2018 Olympics Opening Ceremony in PeyongChang, but Sunday’s phantasmagoria used almost twice as many drones.

Intel will continue its 50th anniversary celebration by honoring employees with a smaller, 500-drone light show that begins tonight and lasts until Sunday, weather permitting, the news release said.

Intel’s Shooting Star Drones are unmanned, designed exclusively for entertainment and outfitted with reprogrammable LED lights, the news release said.

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