Pre-update updates

We now have control of the domains, Godaddy released them yesterday. I’m pointing them to the old hosts.

The site is restored to the new host, which seems to be doing ok. You can check it out here if you want to see what I’m working on today – if you’ve got a wordpress account I advise not logging into the site until I’m done however.

800 megabyte database imported, users, comments, plugins, etc appear working. All data as of St Patrick’s day backup (or day before).

14 gigabytes of images in directories (may not be showing up however, working on that now)


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Paul King may be the last remaining editor at Pocketables. His articles are generally about HTC lines of products and all the neat things you can do with them. When not writing about them, he’s riding a motorcycle, spending time with his wife, kids, and cats, or working as an IT manager at a film production company.

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