It’s possible that under the command of T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere and merged with T-Mobile, Sprint could become something more than a $32 billion long term liability to SoftBank, but the question is should they?

TL;DR – if you’ve been ‘shipping T-Mobile and Sprint it’s time to update your fanfic

A strategic partnership between the two telecom giants would significantly reduce the overall costs to roll out a 5G network, same with a total takeover. Their powers combined they could more effectively take on Verizon and AT&T and become the hands-down winners.

Or Sprint’s long term debt could turn T-Mobile into Cricket Wireless in relatively short order.

The last round of talks collapsed over Sprint’s valuation of itself. Since then it’s dropped 20%. Their first round of talks in 2014 was halted due to antitrust concerns. Evidently that’s not so much a concern now with the current state of either the two telecom giants, or the country.

Could the Uncarrier float the No Carrier or is this just a last ditch move to try and make some money back for SoftBank? Would suddenly having over a hundred million subscribers make the T-Mobile CEO stop cursing? Maybe we’ll find out soon.